Thank you so much for all your assistance for our trip. What an amazing experience we had. Staff were friendly and helpful, and Willem was kind enough to give us a lift to camp 3 when I twisted my ankle up Honeybush hill. Amazing facilities, and the camps were beautifully situated. The only downside was having to pack tents up before the sun hit the camp, so they were wet when packed. Otherwise, there was enough water for us, the trail was always clearly marked so no chance of getting lost, and having a stocked camp was always a plus. Just something to mention though, and I’m sure it’s common place in areas like this, but there were plenty of tics on the trail. Wearing long pants is definitely a must in this situation.

Sadly we didn’t see any leopard, but did see their prints in a few areas. Wished we could have seen more wildlife, but when you traverse an area this big, I suppose you have to be quite lucky to spot something. Thanks again. Really amazing place.