Cedar Falls Trail Run

Cedar Falls Trail Run

10km with 450m of climbing

Getaway Magazine described the Cedar Falls Trail as “One of those moments of extremely beautiful life!”  This beautiful trail follows a narrow kloof to the waterfall which gives Cedar Falls base camp its name. Once in the kloof don’t be too concerned about keeping your feet dry as you criss-cross the river, you’ll be swimming soon. The last few hundred meters is a scramble to the Cedar Falls waterfall. There you’ll find the best, crystal clear, mountain water you are ever likely to encounter.  You return on the same path.

At two points you will need to swim through a narrow gorge (please see route notes below). Take shoes suitable for walking through water, or take your shoes off at these points.  Be warned – in winter the water is cold.  Bone chilling cold.

Detailed Trail Description

The run to the first pool is a moderately easy 3.7 km trail following a path up the kloof.  At points you will run over river stones and rocks as you criss-cross the river. There are some beautiful mountain pools to stop and swim in along the way.

As you near the end of the valley a large red cliff looms ahead of you, seeming to cut off the valley. However, at the base of the cliff the river takes a sharp right turn into a narrow gorge – the remote and hidden Cedar Falls Kloof. At this point you will need to swim a 10-metre stretch between two cliffs to keep moving up the kloof. There is also some (easy) rock clambering and walking along boulders in the river.

Another 400 metres will bring you to the second pools, and after climbing up on the right-hand side of the pool, you are faced with another swim of 10 metres.

The last section of the trail is closer to a kloofing adventure (without any jumps) than a Sunday afternoon run, so please come prepared. Shoes that you don’t mind getting wet are an easy option to facilitate the swim-throughs and walking over the rocks.  Please go carefully as the slopes are slippery.

At the foot of the cliffs a waterfall flows into a deep pool (you can’t see the bottom even though the water is crystal clear). This is a great place to swim and have a break before starting your journey back on the same path. The fresh water combined with the beauty of the steep cliffs and pools is an incredible gift to all who can visit.

A permit to do the trail is required; fires and overnight camping are not allowed.

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The Cedar Falls Trail Run starts and ends at Cedar Falls Base Camp.  A maximum of 12 people will be allowed on the trail each day.  Booking in advance is essential. The permit for the run / hike is R90 per person. The trail is free for guests staying in Cedar Falls Base Camp accommodation but it is still essential to book your trail in advance through the online booking system.

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