Gabriels Loop

Gabriel’s Loop 12.7 km

Gabriel’s Loop follows two sections of the Leopard Trail, connecting the first half of day 1 with the second half of day 2.  The trail run takes you past Gabriel’s pools, a spectacular small kloof with steep sides and shade.  After rains the kloof has clear running water, deep pools and a waterfall.   To get you going the run begins with the Kick-start climb up onto the plateau.  From there onward it is a perfect-to-run tame and smooth sand-packed downhill trail for around 3 km before turning toward Gabriels Pools.  Go into the kloof for a look, then return back to path and over the ridge to connect up with the return trail.  A 3km uphill will lead you to the beautiful last 4km gentle downhill back to base camp. Gabriel’s loop is used by trail runners, mountain bikers and day hikers.

Day 1 of the Leopard Trail

Logistics and Reservations

Gabriel’s Loop Trail Run is free and only available for guests staying overnight at Cedar Falls.  The trail starts at the Cedar Falls reception.

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