The 2 Day Leopard Trail Run

Take on the Mountains of the Leopard Trail

The Leopard Trail Run is a circular 2-day run, using the path of the 4-day Leopard Trail Hike in the Baviaanskloof.  Runners combine the hike’s day 3 and 4 into one day, and the hike’s day 1 and 2 into the second day of running.  The trail is a single track path, of which around 70% is good for easy running.  The remaining 30% will require careful running or walking, especially on the ascents and descents where there is loose material on the path. You are based at Cedar Falls Base Camp, and return to your accommodation each night.  Runners are required to arrive the evening before the run.


34 km

Running day 3 and 4 of the Leopard Trail.  The climb out of from Cedar Falls Base Camp up Honeybush Kloof is a good effort, and thereafter the traverse lines and climbs keep going up and down for about 4kms. This part of the trail is tricky at times with loose material on the path on the ascents and descents. The run along the valley floor and river bed down Kasey Kloof is a smooth and chilled 8km. The trail then turns west into the awesome Birdsong Kloof for another 5km of easy running, before hitting the biggest climb of the trail, Fond Farewell. Very few will run this as it feels straight up and is loose underfoot, through walking it is not likely to give you any sense of a rest. Once on the plateau it is a good path meandering up and down the ridge lines before your final steep descent down to Cedar Falls Base Camp. There is water at the hikers 3rd night camp site.

Day 2 of the Leopard Trail


22 km

Day 1 and 2 of the Leopard Trail.  To get you going the run begins with the Kick-start climb up onto the plateau.  From there onward it is a perfect-to-run tame and smooth sand-packed trail for around 13 km through spectacular Baviaanskloof valleys and kloofs.  Then the climbing and rolling hills and traverse lines kick in, making the last third of the day a good challenge.  If there has been recent rains there will be rock pools and water at two spots along the trail.  However do not count on finding water and carry what you need for a full day out.

Day 1 of the Leopard Trail

Price and Reservations

The 2 Day Trail run is R340 plus the costs of your 3 nights accommodation.  You can choose from the range of accommodation available at the Cedar Falls Base Camp.  Please contact Catherine to book your spot on the 2 Day Trail Run either on 074 939 4395 or reservations@gobaviaans.co.za