A team of eight 11 year olds have taken on a year long project to research the Leopards of the Leopard Trail.  In their own words:

“We are 8 kids that have a love for nature and want to make a difference. With two of us taking a year out of school to go and live in the Baviaanskloof wilderness, we have decided to do a project together as a team on the Leopards in the area. For most of the last 140 years Leopards were hunted in the area by farmers. Now many of the farmers have stopped hunting Leopards, so we are keen to find out more about the Leopards in the area using trail camera’s and getting the hikers to help.”

This cool bunch of kids has launched a fundraising campaign to buy the cameras needed for the project.  The cameras will be donated to Leopard Trail.  You can read the whole story and support their project here