A great local blog site, Garden Route Trails took a group on the Leopard Trail and produced a guide to walking the trail. This from their introduction:

” One of the last true wilderness areas in South Africa is undisputedly the Baviaanskloof, a series of folded mountains, canyons and valleys between Willomore and Patensie in the Eastern Cape. It is a botanical wonderland that transforms from Karoo through Fynbos and into pockets of Afro-Montane forest with hints of Spekboom along an east west axis.

The Baviaans is a landscape that begs to be hiked and thankfully the Leopard Trail provides a 4 day route to indulge avid hikers and explorers.

Based on the western side of the Baviaankloof, the Leopard Trail is a looped 62km slackpacking trail traversing folded mountains and following canyons. But don’t let the slackpacking aspect lure you into believing that this is an easy trail.”

You can find the full article here.