Cedar Falls Base Camp Accommodation

Cedar Falls Base Camp Accommodation

Cedar Falls Base Camp Accommodation

Cedar Falls Base Camp Accommodation

Latest News and Blogs from the Leopard Trail

SA’s Best Day Hike

A group of hikers last year commented that some places you just can’t capture with photos and videos. So for the next few weeks we challenged hikers to try their best to capture SA’s best day hike and share their footage. Here is a mix of the results. You decide.

Dramatic footage from hikers of the floods at camp 2

What kind of hiker is grateful for a flash flood? These guys were at camp two when the thunderstorm hit, and we had to send a drone overhead to make sure they were all ok. The next day they were ecstatic and very grateful to have the chance to experience a force of nature like this (and that our camp sites have been well placed with floods in mind). #realhikers

Another 5 Star review from one of SA’s top hiking websites

Along with some really great photo’s, Hiking South Africa had some very cool things to say about the Leopard Trail. We are committed to making this one of the top multi day slack packing hikes in SA, and it feels great when others are say we are getting it right.

Cornelia, August 2018

We had a lovely hike. Cold but we enjoyed every moment.
Trail was well kept and markings also very good.
We did create a lot of memories!!
Thank you

Leopard Trail Golden Tickets -Why would we do this?

Golden Tickets holders will have 10 years of free hikes on the Leopard Trail, and VIP access to bookings on the trail before the bookings are even open to the public. And we are offering the Golden Tickets at a price that works out at a 78% discount! Why would we do that?

Recovery well on the way after the fires

As most of our friends know, a mountain fire swept through our section of the Baviaanskloof in December. As sad as it was to see the land burnt and as wonderful as it is to watch the veld recover, we must accept that fires here are a natural phenomenon, and an...