Prepay for the Leopard trail now!

Our Prepaid hiking option lets you be the first to walk the Leopard Trail, and gives you a 20% discount for your hike!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pay now using the button below.  The Prepaid Hiking payment is R980 per person.  (If you want to pay for more than one person, please contact us directly using the form at the bottom of this page and we will help you out).  After you have paid, we will send you a credit reference email, which you will be able to use later when you want to book.
  2. We will notify you first when bookings open.  As a Prepaid Hiker, you will get an opportunity to book your hiking dates before we make the bookings open to the public.  Once we have the dates when the trail will be ready, you will be the first to know.
  3. Use your Prepaid Hiking Credit when booking. When you make your booking, the R980 will be credited against the cost of your hike, along with your 20% discount.  (Note: Our current projections are that the Hike will cost between R1225 and R1350.  It the hike costs R1225, then your R980 credit that you pay now will fully cover the cost of your hike, once we have factored in the 20% discount.  If the hike will cost more than that, you may need to top up your credit a little to make up the difference.)