San Rock Art 2 Hour Hike

No Booking Required

This walk is only available to guests staying overnight at Cedar Falls Base Camp.

San Rock Art Walk

This two-hour hike (45 minutes each way with a half hour break at the cave) takes you through the Leopard Kloof Valley to the cave in which the stunning Running Man rock painting is found.  This guided walk is free, and only available to guests staying overnight at the Cedar Falls Base Camp.

The San paintings are dominated by the 30 cm image of a shaman, wearing a mask and carrying hunting sticks. The painting has been the subject of many academic studies, as it captures a transition period in history.

The figure has tassels on arms and legs, believed to be traditional Xhosa dress, and is wearing lace-up shoes.  This painting captures a moment in history just before the decline of the San in the area, a time when they were living alongside the Xhosa and Khoene (Khoi) tribes who were trading with visiting ships and/or early white settlers.  The image is a unique documentation, in the San’s own medium, of this period.

The trail starts from the Cedar Tourism accommodation area, and returns along the same route.  In order to protect the heritage site, a guide is required to take you to the site.  Please note that at this stage the guide is there to show you the way, and look after the site for future generations.

We are in the process of training guides who can give you more information on the paintings themselves, but this will take a little time.

Please note the painting is situated on a wide ledge about 10 metres from the ground.  The last access point to the ledge requires a careful step, and is not recommended for people with strong vertigo or fear of heights.


The San Paintings walk starts and ends at the Cedar Falls Base Camp.  To organise a guide for the hike, please speak to our staff when you arrive and let them know when you would like to go.

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