Getaway magazine editor Sonya Schoeman & photographer Teagan Cunniffe walked our four-day hike last year.

“And finally I’m standing on top of the world, incredulous at what I’ve achieved, and marvelling at the exquisite, untouched world around me, while a pair of eagles soars close by, judging life and death below. I think to myself, I’ve walked through a story about the land, the people, the creatures, the heartbreak they’ve all faced, the hope and philosophy and exquisite landscape. And then I turn and take one step, and then another step and then another…”

Read about all the trail and Sonya’s experience in Why You Should Walk the Baviaanskloof’s Leopard Trail.

See how Teagan captured their expedition in In Photos: Baviaanskloof’s Leopard Trail.

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